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Praises & Prostrations to the Twenty-one Taras

CODE: 161

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A general teaching on Tara and a detailed commentary on the 21 Taras, describing how each appears and what fears they protect from.

Precious Essence

CODE: 147

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Autobiography of the 1st Barway Dorje, a precious revealer of treasure and one of Guru Padma's 25 disciples.

Primordial Essence Manifests

CODE: 177

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Teachings on Death and Dying.

Shentong & Rangtong: Two Views of Emptiness

CODE: 171

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The Mahayana path of Buddhism requires the development of vast loving-kindness and compassion. The foundation for developing impartial compassion for all sentient beings is based on understanding the emptiness of self and the emptiness of phenomena.

Teachings on the Practice of Meditation

CODE: 115

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Rinpoche presents here all the important aspects of Buddhist meditation in general and from the Vajrayana perspective in particular.

The Aspiration of Kuntu Zangpo

CODE: 181

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The aspiration of Kuntu Zangpo, the prayer of the Primordial Buddha, is one of the deepest and most profound Buddhist texts. It is also a prayer of... More

The Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra

CODE: 116

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The third Karmapa's Mahamudra prayer contains the entire path and view of Mahamudra, fully unveiled here by Tai Situ Rinpoche

The Benevolent Mind: A Manual in Mind Training

CODE: 137

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A clear and practical means to understand and implement the Seven Points of Mind Training.

The Dorje Chang Thungma

CODE: 170

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A line-by-line explanation of Benkar Jampal Zangpo's famous prayer of Mahamudra realization. Also included is a teaching on the guru-disciple relationship.

The Heart of the Dharma: Mind Training for Beginners

CODE: 174

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Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche explains clearly and simply how to use the practice of mind training and tonglen meditation to transform our habitual selfishness into the compassionate altruism necessary to bring happiness to ourselves and others.
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