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The Himalayas and Beyond: Karma Kagyu Buddhism in India and Nepal

CODE: 164

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This book, packed with full color photos, illustrates the sacred world of the current Karmapa, the charismatic religious leader who fled Tibet in 2000, his lineage and monasteries.

The History of Buddhism in India

CODE: 155

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Teachings by Rinpoche given to students at the four main pilgrimage sites, along with the history and development of Buddhism.

The Life & Teachings of Gampopa

CODE: 140

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Gampopa's spiritual biography is a very good example of avoiding the extremes in practice and of showing how we should correctly practice.

The Life of the Buddha & The Four Noble Truths

CODE: 120

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This book covers the twelve major events in the Buddha’s life and the first discourse he gave after reaching enlightenment.

The Three Vehicles of Buddhist Practice

CODE: 122

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In order for practitioners to develop properly, all three vehicles or levels of Buddhism have to be studied and practiced.

The Twelve Links of Interdependent Origination

CODE: 123

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The Buddha taught the process of interdependent origination, in which one action or event causes another event

The Two Truths

CODE: 124

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What Khenpo presents here is the path of reason, the presentation of the two truths by the different Buddhist philosophical schools.

The Uttaratantra - A Treatise on Buddha-Essence

CODE: 139

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This text elucidates the Buddha's teachings on Buddha-essence, all beings inherent potential.

Traveling the Path of Compassion

CODE: 166

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A commentary on The Thirty-Seven Practices of a Bodhisattva.

Ultimately Perfect

CODE: 172

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Six talks on: The Purpose of Life, Dharma in Daily Life, Stress Management, Dharma for the Urban Professional, The Essence of Dharma and Ultimately Perfect.
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