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Blessing Sound (CDR)

CODE: 319

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A Collection of Prayers from the Empowerments & Transmissions of the Five Treasures

Essential Teachings of Gampopa

CODE: 186

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Gampopa’s teachings can be summarized into four ways or particulars of how a practitioner gradually progresses, as well as what it really takes for a dharma... More

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Ground, Path & Fruition

CODE: 144

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An extraordinary teaching in which Rinpoche covers all aspects of dharma and practice.

Mahamudra Teachings

CODE: 110

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Rinpoche delivers here an excellent teaching on Mahamudra - an introduction to it and how to practice it.

Nectar of Dharma: Vol 4 Sheja Kunkhyap Dzo

CODE: 167

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A collection of Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye's writings on the ten traditional fields of knowledge.

Nectar of Dharma: Vol. 1 Rinchen Terzod

CODE: 156

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The Rinchen Terzod is a a collection of termas, hidden treasures. This contains Rinpoche's teachings during these empowerments.

Nectar of Dharma: Vol. 2 Kagyu Ngakzod

CODE: 157

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The Kagyu Ngakzod is a collection of all the tantras, practices and empowerments of the Kagyu lineage.

Nectar of Dharma: Vol. 3 Dam Ngakzod

CODE: 160

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A collection of all the essential teachings, practices, tantras and sacred instructions of the eight lineages of Vajrayana Buddhism.

Nectar of Dharma: Vol. 5 Gyachen Kardzo

CODE: 168

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The Treasury of Vast Teachings (Gyachen Kardzo), the collected writings of Jamgon Kongtrul.

Praises & Prostrations to the Twenty-one Taras

CODE: 161

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A general teaching on Tara and a detailed commentary on the 21 Taras, describing how each appears and what fears they protect from.
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