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Journey of the Mind: Teachings on the Bardo

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When one dies, the mind takes an intense and very important journey through the bardo – that intermediate state between death and rebirth in the next body. To prepare for this journey, we must understand what is happening to us in the bardo and also how we can prepare for this journey while still living.

In these extraordinary teachings Rinpoche gives us a fresh perspective on the bardo. He de-emphasizes the detailed descriptions of the appearances and emphasizes more the relationship between various aspects of one’s dharma practice – shamatha, vipashyana, Mahamudra, Ngondro, deity meditation and other aspects of the stages of creation and completion – and one’s experience of death and the intermediate state between death and rebirth itself.

The instructions given in these teachings are, therefore, very practical and not at all impossible to include in one’s daily life.

This was originally published by Shenpen Osel.