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Mahamudra Teachings

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Tai Situ Rinpoche delivers here an excellent teaching on Mahamudra. In the first half he explains the meaning and source of Mahamudra, and Mahamudra in terms of ground, path and fruition. In the second half he explains Mahamudra from the perspective of practice and the path, covering the four contemplations, Ngondro, shamatha, vipashyana and Mahamudra meditation. His commentary is based on Mahamudra Ocean of Certainty by His Holiness 9th Karmapa. Also included are some explanations of verses from the Third Karmapa’s Aspiration Prayer for Mahamudra.

This is a profound teaching from a great master who is one of the main holders of the Mahamudra lineage, presented from his own realisation with simple understandable language, his gentle humour and limitless wisdom and compassion.