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Primordial Essence Manifests

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Teachings Chamgon Tai Situpa on the six bardos and the book 'Bardo Thodrol', commonly translated as 'The Tibetan Book of the Dead' by Padmasambhava.

The six bardos are:
1. Kye-Nay Bardo, the bardo of this life
2. Milam Bardo, the bardo of dreaming
3. Samten Bardo, the bardo of meditation
4. Chika Bardo, the bardo of the moment of death
5. Chonyi Bardo, the bardo of luminosity
6. Sidpa Bardo, the bardo of becoming

The book includes teachings on the five strengths, or antidotes. These are 5 understandings, confirmations, and practices that will help overcome difficulties and shortcomings in this life, and particularly at the time of death.