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Heartfelt Tara

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This book is a detailed verse by verse explanation of the practice of Tara. Also included is a history of Tara and the Tara text itself in Tibetan, English and phonetics. "By nature, the Noble Lady Tara is Prajnaparamita, the mother of all sublime beings. She took the form of a woman in order to liberate all sentient beings, and give them all the siddhis they desire. Practicing this sadhana or reading her praises has the swift and compassionate power power of liberating one from the eight types of fears, and leading one to the ultimate state of omniscience." — His Holiness Sakya Trizin "Venerable Khenpo Tsulnam Rinpoche is the main Khenpo of Palpung Lungrig Jampal Ling Higher Buddhist Institute and he is a well respected scholar, good practitioner and writer. This book will be very helpful to the practitioner of the Twenty One Taras." — The 12th Kenting Tai Situpa