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The Benevolent Mind: A Manual in Mind Training

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There are many different kinds of instructions, practices and philosophies in Buddhism. These are condensed in spiritual instructions representing the essence of the Buddha's teachings. But the practices such as Lojong are the quintessence – the essence of the essence – of the Buddha’s teachings. The most popular and widely used source text explaining Lojong, or mind training, is The Seven Points of Mind Training.

Originally transmitted in the Kadampa tradition this text has now long been assimilated by all the Tibetan Buddhist schools. The heart and focus of Lojong practice is the cultivation of bodhichitta or enlightened heart, the realization of our Buddha essence through the cultivation of a compassionate mind. Presented here is a clear and practical means to understand and implement these techniques in a line-by-line commentary by one of the most respected contemporary Kagyu masters, the Venerable Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche.

"Lojong practice is designed in such a way that even if one did not do any other Buddhist practice whatsoever, The Seven Points of Mind Training are a sufficient and complete practice in themselves. They are a very effective method. We don’t need any other practices and we don’t have to be great scholars or anything to be effective practitioners. These practices are something that we can practice on a daily basis unlike many others that could take up a lot more time and commitment."