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Ground, Path & Fruition

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An extraordinary teaching in which Rinpoche covers the foundation of dharma, how to understand the dharma, its history, how it was brought to Tibet, the main philosophical schools (including Rangtong and Shentong), logic, precepts, Chenrezig practice, Lojong, Shamatha and Vipashyana Meditation and Mahamudra.

“Great teachers of this time, such as His Eminence Tai Situ Rinpoche, have the ability to explain the essential points of the dharma and help those on the path to understand the teachings.”
– Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche

“A few missing pieces of the puzzle” is how Tai Situ Rinpoche described the teachings in this book.

Based on his personal notes and compositions, Rinpoche explains both complex and practical aspects of the Buddha’s teachings. In his own entertaining and informative style he covers such diverse topics as Refuge, the Chenrezig practice, Meditation, the History of Buddhism, its philosophical schools and Mahamudra. As is the custom in Tibetan monasteries, when he was a young man Rinpoche went through a period of intense study and practice in which he was introduced by his teachers to many different aspects of Buddhism. During this time he took notes and composed poems describing what he was learning. Now, a quarter of a century later, he revisits these compositions bringing to them new insights garnered from years of experience. As a main custodian of the Kagyu lineage he is able to share with us the living tradition he received “with devotion” from some of the greatest Buddhist teachers of the last century. In this book he seamlessly blends this ancient tradition with a modern, practical sensibility and a rich sense of humor.

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