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Ascertaining Certainty About the View

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This is a detailed line by line commentary by Khenpo Tsultrim on the seventh chapter of the third section of Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye’s Treasury of Knowledge which covers seven points on gaining certainty of the correct view. It is explained from the perspective of the different Buddhist schools. Included are Jamgon Kongtrul’s root verses of the text and his commentary along with several songs by Khenpo Tsultrim and Milarepa on the views and approaches of the different Buddhist schools. “How is it that you liberate yourself from suffering? First of all, you understand that the conditions that create suffering are not truly existent, for example, like appearances within a dream. You then come to understand that suffering itself has no essence, that it is not truly existent. Through deeply thinking about this and through analysing, you develop certainty. The point of working with the view or with philosophies is to develop a clear conviction through reflection that leads to certainty. If you then meditate on emptiness, you will realize emptiness directly and at that point suffering vanishes.”